Adult Sex Sites Leveraging Accelerated Mobile Pages for More Hookups

Dating apps, like popular fuck app ironically named “Fuckr”, have been leveraging Google’s new technology, accelerated mobile pages, to deliver a faster app experience for fuckbudd dating users, leading to faster and more hookups. This article explains how, and why, popular adult dating apps are focusing on website page-speed by using Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to grow faster than their competition.

In the past year, many of the most successful online dating sites have used Google AMP to speed up their websites, and in doing so they’ve been able to create a better user experience while growing faster than their competitors. These fast-growing companies include:

AdultFriendFinder – “The World’s Largest Sex & Swingers Community” – 2x Growth since 2016, with over 70 million members;

Tinder – The world’s largest dating app – 2x Growth since 2015, with 25 billion swipes per day;

Bumble – A women-centric dating app that launched this year – 3x growth since June, with 5 million daily active users;

and Fuckr – The fastest growing fuck app in history.

While each company has a different reason for migrating to the AMP project, what they all have in common is an increased focus on delivering faster experiences to their users. For some dating apps, including AdultFriendFinder and Bumble, this was a direct result of their customers wanting a faster experience. Other dating apps, such as Tinder, have chosen to use AMP because it helps them stay competitive in terms of marketing spend. In addition, some dating apps have realized that using AMP helps them drive traffic from search engines, and thus increase their organic reach and ad revenue.

With several high-growth dating apps now using AMP, we wanted to understand if there was any correlation between choosing to migrate to AMP and growth in certain key metrics. To do this, we analyzed data from various dating apps’ Google Analytics accounts across June 2017 – June 2018, looking at both uniques and sessions. In particular, we looked at the following metrics:

Unique visitors – The number of unique people who visited a site during a specific time period.
Sessions – The total number of visits to a site within a given time period.
ComScore data shows that dating sites and apps generally see higher engagement rates compared to other verticals, so our analysis focused on measuring metrics related to those areas. As shown in Figure 1 below, our analysis shows that dating apps with AMP saw significant increases in both uniques and sessions when compared to their non-AMP counterparts.

For example, AdultFriendFinder experienced 2x growth in uniques, while Tinder and SnapSex experienced 8x growth in sessions. Similarly, Bumble experienced 3x growth in uniques, but 4x growth in sessions, and Fuckr experienced 11x growth in uniques, but 7x growth in sessions. While it’s hard to say for sure why these dating apps were able to grow faster after moving to AMP, one factor seems to be the ability to compete more effectively on the open web, which has become increasingly important for online dating brands.

To learn more about how you can grow your dating app or website by migrating to AMP, download our free guide.

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