How HentaiGamer Boosted Their Traffic With URL Shortening

According to a report by Hentai Gamer, the site has been able to increase its social sharing traffic by implementing short URLs. The team realized that it would be more effective for their fans to share links on Facebook and Twitter instead of using long web addresses. They also wanted to make sure that every link was easy to remember so they could be shared easily across all platforms.

The company hired an experienced developer who worked with them to create a software system that would automatically shorten all URLs before posting them on social media. This led to a significant improvement in the number of clicks and shares on their posts. It’s also allowed Hentai Gamer to improve their search engine rankings as well. Since the URLs are short and easy to remember, people have been able to find their content much easier.

What Is Hentai Gamer?

Hentai Gamer is one of the most popular hentai gaming sites that exists online today. They feature adult games created by some of the biggest developers in the industry such as K-Approved and CuteKnight. Players will get hours of fun from these high quality hentai games that allow them to experience something new, exciting and naughty each time.

The site features over 20 different categories that cover a wide range of experiences that include everything from sci-fi to hentai action. Read more about more about their top rated hentai games if you’re having trouble picking one!

How do URL shorteners work?

URL shortening is a process where a long web address is converted into a shorter form through a third party service. Instead of having to type out a lengthy long web address, users can simply add a few characters at the end and use the shortened version instead.
Why should you consider using a URL shortener?

There are many reasons why businesses choose to use URL shorteners, including:

  • Improved user experience – Shortened web addresses look cleaner and are easier to read. People can quickly scan the text and determine what the page is about without having to take too much time to decipher the text.
  • Better social sharing – Shortened web addresses make it more convenient for people to share the links on social media. They don’t have to write down the long web address or copy and paste it onto their own social channels.
  • Easier to remember – URL shorteners are easier to remember than long web addresses. Since they only contain a handful of characters, people can easily recall what the link is about without having to think too hard.
  • Increased visibility – Most URL shorteners offer analytics tools that show the number of clicks on the links. Businesses can use this data to see which links are getting the most clicks and which ones aren’t being clicked as often. They can then use this information to optimize future campaigns.

HentaiGamer: A Case Study

Since Hentai Gamer started using URL shorteners, they’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of clicks and shares on their social media pages. This has helped them grow their audience and expand their reach across multiple platforms. They now have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook who regularly engage with the brand. These numbers continue to rise as the company continues to post interesting updates.…